Flag Banners Wedding Cake Toppers

December 24th, 2009

After days of browsing, now I have to say there are a lot of choice over here for cake toppers. Here I found some flag banner wedding cake toppers I have never seen before. It may not be on your list of ‘must-haves’ but they really add sort of shining point on your wedding. Be creative on slogans such as ‘Lucky in Love ‘and ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ and they can even be printed onto wood for a more rustic feel.  You may wonder they are looked to be made of wood. No, actually these flag banner wedding cake toppers are made of hardboard, but with a special painting way they looks like a wooden cake toppers.

Flag Banners Wedding Cake Toppers-1 Flag Banners Wedding Cake Toppers-2

Flag Banners Wedding Cake Toppers-3

Image source

Christmas Cake Toppers

December 24th, 2009

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas!! Yea, it is Christmas, so today we will share you some funny and cute Christmas Cake Toppers. I found these at  themadhouse’s blog. She have made and decorated 4 large Christmas cakes this year with the help of her wonderful family (recipe can be found here).Christmas Cake Toppers-1

This one is for her father in laws, her Father in law loves fruit cake and prefers square cakes!! She is a fan of retro and old fashions cake toppers of her youth, so have grabbed them off her Mum and MIL when ever she have had the chance. lolChristmas Cake Toppers-2

This one is for her mum, wow I love this most, it looks so delicious and the monogram Christmas cake topper looks cute too.Christmas Cake Toppers-3

This one is for her mums best friend, who always treats the boys like her own grandchildren and is a very special lady.Christmas Cake Toppers-4

Finally theirs, which has had to have a full re-ice after minimad ate it all!!  She have put it out of reach this time and it will be cut New Years Eve and served with some cheese as is the Yorkshire Way!! Once you have tasted home made cakes, there is no going back. And that look those mini deer and penguins, they are so gorgeous to be a Christmas Cake Topper.

Drunk Wedding Cake Toppers

December 23rd, 2009

For those who love bar and drinking beer, this humorous drunk wedding cake topper will add a unique taste and touch in your reception and WOW your guest in a one of a kind way.  And these drunk bride and groom figurines may be a reflection of your habit. Sure, I mean go to bar or love drinking bear, not drunk.

If you wish to really stamp your personality on your wedding then one of the best ways to do is through a truly unique wedding theme. And make a unique cake topper to match it. Like the image blow, beer theme cake toppers for bar birds… lol

Drunk wedding cake toppers


Ballerina Cake Toppers Ballet Wedding Cake Toppers

December 23rd, 2009

This is a custom wedding cake topper which I found here. It is hand sculpted and hand painted wedding cake toppers which can match dancing art wedding theme. So if you are dancer or artist, this Ballerina wedding cake topper may be a great choice.  The ballerina or slippers is made of hardening durable clay.This Ballet cake topper is adorned with a beautiful bows around the base, foam butterflies, string of pearls, and tiny flowers.

Also the craftsman allow you specify any way you like, weddings, birthdays, party….Also you can add some words on them. And sure it is also appropriate centerpiece to celebrate your big day.

Ballerina Cake Toppers

Pikachu Wedding Cake Toppers Pikagroom and Pikabride Figurine

December 23rd, 2009

Are you a crazy fan of Pikachu cartoon? Have you ever heard of Pikachu? These Pikachu wedding cake toppers maybe the best thing shining your habits, like watching cartoon.

Pikachu (ピカチュウ, Pikachū?) is one of the fictional species of Pokémon creatures from the Pokémon media franchise—a collection of video games, anime, manga, books, trading cards, and other media created by Satoshi Tajiri. The origin of Pikachu is rabbit, which is a small chinchilla-like animal, with short limbs, rounded ears, and short tail. But as the creation of artist, Pikachu are made to like people. They can stand as people and have abundant emotion and often be a good partner of little kids. Thus they become some favorite creatures of cartoon fans.

And now when the wedding is over, the reception is over, the cultural hall was cleaned up, the church kitchen was cleaned up. Cars and vans were loaded up and stuff hauled home. Somehow it is time to ended up with the leftover wedding cake.

With this Pikachu Wedding Cake Topper, the new couple can take it as a great memory of the wedding and their love.

Pika Wedding Cake Toppers


Show off Your Wedding Cake Toppers

December 23rd, 2009

Today I read some discussing posts about wedding cake toppers. The new brides attach some images to show their wedding cake toppers. All the cake toppers posted are full of fun and look really amazing. So I put them here to share my dear readers.

NeliBee’s cake topper- Kosta Boda Catwalk Bridal Couple Cake Toppers

Catwalk is inspired by the world of fashion with motifs including masculine men and high-heeled women’s shoes. Kjell Engman creates fashion in glass in a way that’s never been seen before: every sculpture is hand-crafted with sprinkled with heated glass powder to create a rough but appealing surface effect..

http://www.kostaboda.us/catwalk/bridegroom.htmKosta Boda Catwalk Bridal Couple

PurdueGrace‘s Cake topper- Circle of Love Cake Toppers

FH and I finally decided on and purchased our cake topper yesterday (Infinite Love from the Circle of Love collection!) and was wondering what everyone’s cake toppers look like and if it was hard for you to decide on one.Circle of Love collection

Kitton’s Cake Topper- DIY cake toppers

Luckly I have a very talented sister who made mine for me.

DIY Cake Toppers

Beav1279’s Cake Topper- Lead Crystal Cake Toppers

My cake topper was made by Princess House. It’s lead crystal and hollow inside, so we’re putting an electric tealight inside so it will sparkle!

lead crystal cake topper

mebecker07 ‘s cake topper- Willow Tree cake toppers

My FI and I are using this Willow Tree cake topper. I have always been a fan of these figurines. I think they are so beautiful! So when I got this as a gift for my birthday I knew it would be absolutely perfect! Now we just have to design a cake that it will look pretty on top of! :)

Willow Tree cake topper


stephinPA’s cake topper- Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

Okay, so I know this will look strange, but we’re getting married next October 29, 2010.  And I love Halloween.  While most of the wedding will be done in fall type decor, I’m planning on sprinkling halloween throughout without telling anyone aside from my FI.  The cake topper is one of those areas…here it is:Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

kjpugs’s cake topper- Pet Wedding Cake Toppers

Ours aren’t done yet but the person who made a polymer clay figurine of my pug that passed two years ago is doing a bride and groom pug for us! I attached the pic of the clay sculpt of Oliver… he loved his little Superman outfit! (FYI… we have 3 pugs)

Pet wedding cake toppers

hcritton’ cake topper- Fish Wedding Cake Toppers

K don’t laugh…. but it’s fish! We’re both really into fish and aquariums, like really really into it. At one point earlier this year we had a 90 gallon salt water tank, a 55 gallon fresh water, a 42 gallon fresh water, and a 20 gallon brackish tank all in our little house! We’re down to three tanks now :) So I had these fish made on etsy and they’re in our wedding colors (black, white, and lime green).

fish cake toppers

budgetbeautiful’s cake topper- Homer & Marge Wedding Cake Toppers

We had Homer & Marge custom made by an etsy seller. Marge has a dark purple bouqet like me!

Homer & Marge Wedding Cake Toppers

Miss Pinecone’s cake topper- Squirrel Cake Toppers

We went the unusual route and are have two squirrels as our cake toppers. They are actually salt and pepper shakers, but I thought it would be nice to be able to use them again.I love squirrels and FI used to get me stuffed squirrels, so I thought it would fit, plus our wedding is very natural and rustic, with pinecones!

Squirrel Cake Toppers

ashleyjane’s cake topper- FSU Cake Toppers

a tribute to FSU…

FSU cake toppers

MsAnnaLytical’s cake topper- Bear Wedding Cake Toppers

I’m not sure how, but FI and I have come to absolutely adore bears. I think it started as an inside joke from Stephen Colbert’s show, but it’s grown exponentially since then…anyhow, we thought this was adorable and perfect for us. :)

Bear Wedding Cake Toppers

Ms. Library’s cake topper- Dove Wedding Cake Toppers

Our theme is bird/trees, so we went with this topper:

Dove Wedding Cake Toppers

Police Officer Wedding Cake Toppers

December 21st, 2009

This is a customized police officer cake topper. Have you got the feeling of cake topper you never seen but always hung around in your mind? This topper falls into that category.
The request came from a couple who are both police officers and really wanted a cake topper with the bride and groom’s heads coming out of the car. A very detailed drawing came out and it looks so cute.  And take a look at the final result, white police car and grass ground, everything looks gorgeous.

police officers cake toppers-1police officers cake toppers-2Resource

Munny cake toppers

December 21st, 2009

Do you ever thing about making your own wedding cake topper? Like DIY cake topper? No? Since it is too hard for you, you have to prepare many material to move on and also don’t sure whether you will be satisfied with the final item? Why not try some simple but great one, such as Munny dolls? Munny dolls are a simple and quick way to custom your own cake toppers. It is a blank (sometimes colored, sometimes not) figure owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and other pigments. A Munny doll is made out of vinyl and has movable joints.

The following image is customized Munny cake toppers for a upcoming wedding. They are standing on a monogram base which is also easy to make. Not quite completed, the male dunny will soon have eyeglasses. Just buy two Munny dolls and some paint, you can custom your unique wedding cake topper by your hands to make a one of a kind style wedding cake topper belonging to you and your loved.Munny cake toppers

Vintage Cake Toppers Fella and Gal Cake Toppers

December 21st, 2009

A wedding cake topper is an essential part of planning any wedding. But choosing it sometimes means a really hard job. You must consider every element, it should reflect your taste, personality, interesting… And also should match your wedding theme, wedding cake and wedding color.  No more words on tips of choosing the right cake topper but I just want to share you the experience of choosing my wedding cake topper.

I have wrestled with ideas for my cake topper for a long time.My first idea is trying a ambitious project to create papier mache newspaper birds, but um … I don’t think that’ll happen. I barely clean my house, much less make papier mache anything. Then I thought I’d use an ampersand, as a nod to our typography/journalism theme and also to signify that we’re now joined. But that all went to hell when I spotted this handsome fella and pretty gal on top of a shelf on my way out of a small craft shop passed by.

His hair is a little chipped and her birdcage veil is a little ripped with yellow flowers background. But it is still a great keepsake and memory, after 60 years. And they only set me back 28!vintage cake topper

Lace Heart Wedding Cake Topper

December 21st, 2009


The choice of a wedding cake topper can be mainly determined by the type of wedding cake you choose. If you are choosing a formal white tiered wedding cake you might want to consider matching that with the traditional or the simple.

And here, an gorgeous lace heart wedding cake topper might get your some inspiration about heart wedding cake toppers matching your white tiered wedding cake. A modern take on a traditional henna design, this lacy heart is a simple way to dress up your cake top. The piece is made of lightweight polished silver metal and includes a stem at the base to anchor it securely into your cake top.

Lace Heart Wedding Cake Topper